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Jus + Nica

It’s been over six months since I shared my series of queer couples during my Pride 2022 Shoot. Today, I’m happily sharing photos from the wedding of two of the sweetest women I’ve gotten to know. Jus + Nica were already civilly married last year in Sydney, where it was legal and recognized by the state, attended by a chosen few family. This time, they decided to get married again in the Philippines so they could share the occasion with 150 well-selected loved ones as witnesses.

Getting to this day was a long process. When Jus + Nica told me that there were people that didn't agree they deserved this happiness, my heart ached with theirs. We still live in a world where people are not accepting of queer love, both strangers and people who are close to home. But we remember to focus on the people who do get to show up for us and choose to love us. The presence of their most loved family and friends cheering and crying along with Jus + Nica made it even more special to be capturing their wedding. It felt like nothing was gonna keep them from telling the world they loved each other.

Jus mentioned this was important because “that means there are people who will stand by anybody else who are brave enough to love in whatever form they choose”.

Jus ended her vows with one of the most memorable (and iconic) last lines I have heard and honestly, how can you top this — “Once again, I have the privilege of marrying you in front of the most supportive people. And if I have to marry you a hundred more times for you and for the rest of the world to believe that this is the happiness we deserve, then it would be my greatest pleasure… pero sa Pizza Hut na lang ang reception (but the reception will just be in Pizza Hut)”.

There are so many more stories to tell about this wedding. Ones that I’ll happily share! But for now, I’ll leave the photos to tell the story of choosing happiness and finding your people.


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