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"Fall in love, stay in love,

and it will decide everything." 


About Matt
Growing up, my parents taught me that the secret to going through life without regret is to live authentically. I became a wedding photographer to discover what makes each relationship unique, witnessing the tender moment between father and daughter and seeing the sparks between two people in love. These are the kinds of images I want to take: photos that show the candid moments of love and laughter.
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My Shooting Philosophy
It’s important that I get to know each of my couples on a personal level. That way, I get to feature you in the best light and capture those moments when you are at your happiest and most relaxed. It’s all about trust and less about posing you for a photo, making sure that your personalities shine through in every picture.


  • Is it expensive to do a destination shoot?
    Destination shoots are more doable than ever before. Airfare and accommodations are the most affordable they’ve ever been. My travel arrangements are flexible and I can help you plan things to give you a chance to travel to your dream destination. Think of it as taking a vacation, then having a shoot while you’re there!
  • Are all your services available for destination shoots?
    Yes! Any of your shoots can be upgraded to a destination, including weddings. All packages with an engagement shoot can be upgraded to an Itinerary or A la Carte Shoot.
  • How many people will fly out for a destination shoot?
    I have done destination shoots between just myself and my couples. With weddings, my second photographer can fly out as well to make sure we’ve got all the angles covered. Sometimes we travel with our favorite make-up artists and stylists to offer packaged itineraries or we can help you look for local make-up artists as well.
  • What are things to consider when choosing a destination?
    Consider your personality as a couple. Most importantly, you should feel comfortable in the location you choose. Also, consider the season and lighting conditions during the shoot. If you’re undecided, I can help you narrow down ideas in a planning session so you pick the perfect location!
  • What if we aren't sure where are good locations to shoot?
    That’s fine! I curate a handful of locations I think you may like and create a personalized itinerary based on your personality including places we can eat and drink. It’s a fun and collaborative process to plan your destination shoot!
  • When should we start planning our destination shoot with you?
    It’s best to plan your wedding a year in advance to make sure I’m available for your date. For engagements and milestones, we can start discussing as early as six months ahead! I finalize my Destination Itinerary six months ahead and fares are likely cheaper if you book earlier. We will start planning specifics of the itinerary 3 months before the shoot and have it finalized 3 weeks before the date.
Get In Touch About
 Get in touch!
I am only opening 6 weddings per quarter to make sure I can hold space for each of my couples and form a real relationship with every one of them. 
Tell me about your shoot and let's schedule our Discovery Meeting. I'd love to get to know you!
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