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Pride 2022

Ever since I came out on Independence Day of June 12, 2019, I have been on a journey of self-love. I am really fortunate to receive nothing but acceptance from people. As I got to meet more queer people in the years to come, I realized that not everyone is as lucky. I met another couple whose names I can’t share because they have to hide who they really are from their families. I asked if I could take their photo and they agreed with the condition that I don’t show their faces.

Since then, I've wanted to use my platform as a wedding photographer to fight for acceptance. I wanted to take portraits of queer couples that were wholesome and genuine to show that if you truly love someone, whoever they may be, it is always a beautiful thing.

I kicked off Pride Month celebrating with old friends (not in age) and new in La Union beach - that's when I shot Arkel + Jett, Saren + Jean, and Vince and Nino. After that, I returned to Manila and shot Baus + Jammu. They each have such special stories and I’m very fortunate that they were so open to share their true selves with me and let me capture something that is absolutely beautiful.

And love is love is love is love is love is love is love cannot be killed or swept aside. As sacred as a symphony, Eliza tells her story and fills the world with music love and pride. - Lin Manuel Miranda


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