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Arnold + Adri

The wedding of Arnold + Adri hold a special place in my heart for many reasons. This was a momentous wedding marking my first destination wedding since the pandemic begun. Although anxious about warming up to travel again after two years, the excitement of wanderlust took over very easily.

Arnold + Adri had picked The Unbound for their venue and it was like no other place in the world. This gorgeous property with wood cabins and a glass house for their lobby lounge was so photogenic that every corner could inspire creativity. The interiors were so beautifully styled, I did a video walkthrough on Instagram to show what the rooms look like.

Arnold + Adri were so hands on while planning out the shoot with me. More than that, they were absolutely trusting and kind, even though we had not met in person yet. Once I arrived in Amsterdam (and accidentally ran into them a day before we were set to meet), I could really feel the sense that we had been friends for a long time.

Their good heartedness is reflected in all 40 guests that they invited. Every single one I met was warm and welcoming. I had only known them for a day yet I was already treated like family. These people made every moment of the day a celebration - and that shines through in the reactions captured on photos.

Once it came to the ceremony, it was mix of comedy and heartfelt moments – like when Arnold entered on the swan boat with his best man, Benj, who then embraced him tight right before the ceremony began.

Something that was a first for me was to see a minister cry. Jayson who officiated the wedding was a close friend of the couple’s and he started to share about how great of a friend these two were. When his voice started to crack as he spoke, there was not a dry eye on the aisles. It was really special to be part of a moment like that.

We wrapped up the day with a fun dinner and a dance-off, some booze, and a sunset shoot - which was 10pm during the summer! It was a perfect, and beautiful day - one that I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to capture.