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Parker + Kat

Parker + Kat had an energy for adventure that immediately jived with mine. They wanted a great Australian trip that took them from the most iconic Opera House to the vast outdoors - with a stop at Wollies in between for some Parker's & Kit-Kat branded snacks. We decided to take turns driving on the highway - a fun experience since they drive the opposite side of the road in Australia. Throughout our trip it was just nonstop radio karaoke and laughter between the three of us.

The most memorable part of the trip also gave the most epic photo of the shoot - the one I used as a cover photo with the sunset outside the cave. We arrived at the spot and realized that there was no entrance to this cave carved out the side of the cliff. In order to get in, you had to climb some rocks - which Kat did in her white dress and sneakers (she drew the line at heels). I was worried at that time that we were already too late to catch the gradient sunset, but it turns out we made it just in time! This shoot was definitely one for the books.


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