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Ricky & Cathy

When you have a destination engagement, the photoshoot is definitely just the tip of the iceberg. There's so much more to doing your shoot in a place that is new to you. Aside from having your photos taken in these beautiful locations, remember to give time to experience them with all the senses.

Feel the saltwater being blown by the wind. Taste of the newly picked avocados from the market. Smell the freshly ground coffee at the hipster cafe. Listen to the bustle of Martins Place at rush hour. These are all part of what will make your destination engagement memorable and worthwhile experience.

Ricky and Cathy were great travel companions. Their motto was to live life "Funny and Sunny". I love that they are adventurous travelers who are also foodies and coffee heads. I think the way they look in their photos from our Sydney Engagement shows just how funny and sunny it is to travel with them.


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