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Tomy + Steph

When Tomy (who I knew as Thompson back in high school) told me that he wanted to propose to his girlfriend on a yacht in the middle of the sea, I knew it had to be done during golden hour to get the beautiful glow.

We orchestrated the event together down to the second to make sure that everything was in the right place. Well guess what? When you're nervous and on the spot, all those plans get thrown out the window!

Jittery Tomy missed his mark – a literal red circle of petals pointing to where he should kneel! Luckily he had great friends who were quick to point him the right spot and we laughed it off in the end.

Moments like that actually make the proposal more special. Those are the funny stories that you'd love to recall when you see the photos. I'm so grateful for Tomy + Steph and their friends who welcomed me on board (pun intended) and let me capture what a great time they had in this milestone of their group.


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