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Matt + Kate

Matt + Kate's love really blossoms in a city as rich with art, history and culture as Washington, DC. Their Engagement Shoot was tasteful, relaxed, and showed a lot of them in it. My brother, Shawn, who travelled with me to DC, decided to join the shoot to add to the fun of the conversations.

We all loved museums, and Matt + Kate were the resident experts of the Smithsonian Museums. At the National Gallery of Art, we didn't just get to take great photos, we really got to stay and enjoy the impressive collection of art - especially paintings. Each of us had our own favorites and it was fun to share our different perspectives.

I think that's what made this shoot special and the photos come out so relaxed is that we were really making a connection through something we all loved, and having my brother join us just made the day even more memorable. Suffice to say, I'll welcome a museum themed engagement any day, especially in the Smithsonian.


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