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John & Mela

I think you first met John + Mela at the wedding off my other couple Benj + Rina. They were good friends from Ateneo, and we had heard of each other before, but hadn’t officially met when I met them. I instantly knew how genuinely nice they were. I got such a good vibe from them – light and easy, but also very fun, loving.

During their engagement shoot, the family from both sides came along. I had the pleasure of getting to know all the family who fed us so much food. The families were so blended – the siblings, and the parents all got along so well. It’s not commonly the case for all couples, so it’s such a joy when you get to see such a tight knit family.

The same could be said for their group of friends, all the groups got along. You could tell that John + Mela are so well loved by everyone who were so happy they were tying the knot.

There wasn’t a shortage of tears that day, and I was no exception. I’m happy to share this set of photos with you guys. I hope you can feel the love from these pictures as if you were actually there.


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