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Jeffer + Louella

When Jeffer + Louella told me about how they wanted to do their New York engagement, I was immediately ecstatic! It was going to be a romantic take on the big apple - like scenes from a movie. In fact, we began with a very laid back stay-in look at their studio unit in the Lower East Side that turned into day-drinking Rosé and dancing in the tub. The views of the neoclassic building façades were absolutely stunning!

Louella was the true visionary of her own engagement shoot. She gathered together a great creative team and gave us her dream New York shoot. Scenes of meeting at the Top of The Rock, hailing a yellow taxi cab in the rain, and taking a boat ride in Central Park with the iconic El Dorado as the backdrop all took me back to a medley of different movie moments. A little trivia about that boat ride is there's a video of me out there rowing the boat and taking photos all while barely keeping the boat in place. It was quite an exhilarating experience that I laugh about when I see the shoot of Jeffer + Louella.

The Gatsby inspired concept and venue that was a total mood! I couldn't stop telling Jeffer + Louella how stunning they looked, and they really got into the romance and it really provided the cherry on top for our shoot!


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